• Kurt Schmidt

What Jobs pay the best?

Your in High School? In college? Maybe looking to change careers?

What jobs pay the best with little to no experience? Well short answer is not many.

The Long answer is there are a lot that do but you have to invest in yourself first.

Are you good at math? Problem solving? Engineering could be up your Alley. Engineering jobs start just under $100k for someone with a 4 year degree from a top 300 University, but you better have a 3.0 or higher. with in 5 years of graduating you could easily be making $200k or more.

Don't think you can get into an engineering college? Your probably wrong and you can. Most of the top programs have starter/feeder programs to get you prepared. Shoot High, don't shoot low. The only thing stopping you is your own confidence.

You hate math? Well if you can force your way through 4 years a math, you probably will never use it again if you take job as a project engineer or one of the many other engineering roles out there. So don't let that stop you. 4 years of math for $200k a year not a bad trade off.

Well as you can tell this wasn't an article about all the jobs that pay the best. It was to get you to think about being an Engineer, Engineers are like doctors there will ALWAYS be a job that requires engineers. The world has a major shortage of engineers, If your determined and like to solve problems those are the only things you need to become and engineer. Set your mind to it and get through the program and come out the other end wit a career that will withstand any economy.

With that Said that doesn't mean you will be in 1 job for the rest of your life, but you will have a career that can get a job in any economy. Great Engineers will have the opportunity to travel the world building!

A parting thought. Don't Listen to those people around you even Your Teachers and Consolers that tell you can't. If your are determined you can. Consolers job is not to get you to be the best you can, but to make their school look good ensuring your success as something. How do they do that? they have you shoot for something that you can't fail at in their eyes. Shoot high, don't aim low. Challenge your self.

If Einstein had listened to all those people that told him he was dumb, stupid, could never go to college, You would have never heard of him. Don't Aim Low, AIM High and challenge yourself. Read About Einstein Early Life

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