• Kurt Schmidt

Top Tips for Small Business Owners

'Top Tip' so here are 3 super simple pearls of wisdom for you, from me!

  • BE KIND // Remember, you can do anything, but not everything; Instagram isn't life, it's everybody's 'best bits', so don't compare & despair! AND you're only human - you will make plenty of mistakes, you'll learn from them and move on! Give yourself a break!

  • BE BRAVE // Put yourself out there! Learn your craft, find your niche & take pride in your work! Don't be afraid to promote yourself - utilise social media, sign up for local events such as fairs, or local small business meet ups and make yourself very much part of this wonderful British makers community we've got!

  • BACK UP // I have seen too many people in tears having spilt tea on their computers/dropped their iPhone down the toilet/had their laptop stolen/dropped their computers/just had problems with hardware and lost everything. It's bad enough as a consumer to lose all of your pictures - but as a small business owner. To lose your data can be THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE. All those design files, your accounts, emails. It doesn't even bear thinking about. So please, please, please back it up. Whether you use cloud based storage, a network hard drive, or one that you need to physically connect to your computer - just back. that. s***. up! 

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