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The richest U.S. entrepreneurs ever

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It might surprise you to learn that in a list of the top ten wealthiest United States entrepreneurs of all-time, only one of them (Bill Gates) was actually born in the twentieth century and is still alive today.

So, if you are starting a new business today in America, it would perhaps be a little over optimistic to even entertain the thought that you might one day end up on this list, but you never know!

Mr Gates probably thought the same thing himself when he first started Microsoft in 1975 but just twelve years later his wealth topped one billion dollars, a few days before his 32nd birthday. This was only the beginning though, as he went on to reach an unbelievable peak fortune of $136 billion.

Despite this he only comes in at number five in this list of wealthiest American entrepreneurs. How many of them have you heard of?

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