• Kurt Schmidt

SMBs are the Bastion of Global Employment

Small and Medium Businesses are responsible for around 50% of global employment, and, also, they are the first that suffer with economic crises.

We need to preserve and develop the business strengths of the SMBs’ entrepreneurial environment and make it more resilient to outsider crises. That is our goal and should be of anyone responsible for economic policies.

To develop economies, as we are in a capitalist environment, we need to have consumption, to that be possible we need people employed to be able to expend, though we need employment. It is basics.

Helping countries, banks and financial companies with loans, to avoid systemic ruptures are short-term solutions, with short-term results that will not endure. We need to go to the roots, to a more wide and systemic vision and long-term solutions, and that will be with SMBs.

Therefore, let us start it, and hope that many others follow us, globally.

We need to change the rules of the game!

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Results are not for tomorrow but you need start and, as the time goes, without doubt, results will show up. The network takes some time to “spread the word” but if you have a good product or service and satisfied customers, new opportunities will grow exponentially.

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