• Kurt Schmidt

Preparing for an Interview

What is the number 1 thing you should do to be prepared for an interview?

Get a Suit. Yes in this day in age you may NEVER wear a suit to work but that doesn't mean a suit still doesn't set a professional image. So invest in a suit even if you only wear it once.

Maybe that isn't number 1 but it is close.

Number 2. make sure you look professional, Cut your hair, Shave your Beard, keep tattoo's covered. Ensure you smell neutral you don't want to stink and you don't want an over powering perfume either.

Number 3. Be EARLY, but only a couple of minutes, not 10 or 30 minutes early, not on time, and certainly not late. That means if there might be traffic plan on being EARLY and waiting in your car or near by to closer to the scheduled time.

Number 4 If it is a Video Interview, Ensure you have tested the app that your going to interview using and have it working. Make sure the background is CLEAN, best have a Office Background set rather than your bed room.

Number 5 Don't be Drunk or high or anything else, ensure you go to the bathroom BEFORE the interview.

Number 6 Practice your interview, make sure you are calm and try not to be nervous. If you get nervous at interviews try doing several interviews with other companies before you do the one for that job you just have to have. Practice make perfect, this applies to sports, school, as well as interviews.

Number 7. Stay Professional, If you can not stand the person your interviewing with they will know it. Make sure you come across as helpful, friendly, and reliable. Don't take it too far and start talking about your next vacation or other things you would with your friends, Keep it PROFESSIONAL.

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