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Planning for the future:

Do you have kids? Planning on kids? Maybe your kids are already in High school

If you have never gone to college, or maybe you were first in your family to go to college. Help our your Kids prepare for college, Think they are too young to be thinking about college? Are they in junior high? or High School? then you are already behind.


Some great tips for getting them ready. Starting 7th Grade Have them Take the SAT once each year. Don't listen to your school consolers or nay Sayers that the SAT is dead or you shouldn't take it a lot. They are wrong. Does the SAT still have the weigh it had 30 years ago no. Can it still get you into a tier 1 school even if your grades are not a 4.0 YES. It can Still get you scholarships even if you don't have the grade.

So Again Take the SAT once a year starting in 7th grade. Don't think you can afford it? you can, there is a once a year wavier so that anyone can take the SAT regardless of their ability to pay.

Now that you are going to get the SAT taken once a year. Starting the summer after 9th grade find an SAT Prep course. Online, in person, or maybe just a book but have your student study it. The will need their Best SAT Score by the First Saturday in May their Junior year.

What is the Best? 1600 is the best of course. but that doesn't mean you have to get a 1600 on a single Test. Many Schools will take a supper score, many will not. what is a Super Score? it is the Best score you have ever had on your math and on your verbal even if they are on different tests. The olds are you getting a 1600 is low, but don't worry your goal is to raise your score. and don't fret if your score this year was lower than last year. You can take the SAT Again because your started Early!

How many times do you need to tell your kid how important the SAT is? at least once a month, their memory on this type of stuff is short to none existent until they are a Senior and then it is too late.


Is kindergarten or preschool to early? No it isn't Have your kids in advanced classes, try to get them in above level classes early. the sooner they are in above level classes the better their advantage will be over their peers. Why is this important to start early? Easy because it make it easier on them later. If your used to walking everywhere and then all of sudden you have to start running every where that is hard. Same with your brain. Starting early make life easier later. Most Schools will get you 10% extra points for an above level glass, 20% for level +2 30% for Level +3 that means if your making a 100 in level, and your friends are in level +2 and are making 88's they are making a 108 on the your scale. So you can't make 100s in level +1 or level +2 it doesn't matter your still doing better than a 100 in level class.

Don't listen to your school professionals there job is to ensure your child meets the minimum and doesn't fail to succeed, they are not there to help you to get to college or stand out, they only goal is to make the school looks good and ensure everyone passes with out risk. With out Risk we get no wear. Push their limits, they will be glad later in life.

School, Educators, Friends are not going to push your child to be great, it is up to you!

This Is really to get you to go out and do research. Remember Don't listen to the nay Sayers Shot High don't aim low.

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