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lessons from entrepreneurs on starting your own business, Part 8

Test your assumptions

Audrey Cheng, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Moringa School

I started Moringa School, a multi-disciplinary learning accelerator committed to closing the skills gap in Africa's job market, in 2014 after being a frustrated recipient of traditional education for more than 15 years. While I worked on supporting entrepreneurs at Savannah Fund, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies across Africa, I found myself repeatedly brought back to a central challenge they faced around finding ready-to-hire talent. That led to numerous conversations, which converted into a deep-rooted passion for solving a pervasive problem which would lead to catalytic change among individuals and the broader tech ecosystem.

Through Moringa, a key lesson I've taken away is how critical it is to test my assumptions consistently. Knowledge is constantly evolving and never fully set in stone. Our stakeholders were also changing in mindset, behavior and beliefs, and we needed to continuously check in to make sure our solution was solving an important problem in a meaningful way.

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