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lessons from entrepreneurs on starting your own business, Part 7

Look for the potential of tech

Andre Yoon, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, MakinaRocks

Our company name, MakinaRocks, a start-up specializing in industrial machine intelligence, means to transform technology and the industrial sector. Working in the manufacturing sector as IT and business specialists, my co-founders and I saw the potential of AI and the implications it had for the manufacturing industry and started the company to help transform the industrial sector. In our first venture, we were able to successfully improve anomaly detection performance with our multivariate autoencoder-based approach, and one by one, we tackled various challenges of the industry.

However, we realized that to unlock the unlimited potential of AI, rather than tackling the challenges ourselves, we needed to empower the domain experts of the manufacturing industry with the tools to create and innovate. Thus, our ML platform was born—a platform built incorporating the use cases and expertise we had acquired during the earlier stages of our growth. With our ML platform, we hope to help further advance the industry and continue to make technology intelligent and deliver it as transformative solutions.

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