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lessons from entrepreneurs on starting your own business, Part 4

Learn what you do best. Repeat

Ben Lamm, Founder and Board Member, Hypergiant

I've been a serial entrepreneur now more times than I can count. I knew the day I set foot in my first job that I was never going to be happy unless I was chasing down my vision of the future and building companies that would enable that future to be realized.

My most recent company, Hypergiant, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on critical infrastructure, space and defense, is a clear product of that drive. It was founded because I could see that industries that were foundational to society (space, defense, critical infrastructure) were not scaling like other businesses because they were not employing the latest technology (namely AI). In short, we were nowhere near the future of our dreams because the systems running our worlds didn't have the technology to power those dream ideas of flying cars, living in space and underwater homes.

Building Hypergiant has been an honor but the biggest lesson I've learned is in handing it over to the new CEO. The secret to doing something in a serial fashion is knowing when to step away. Hypergiant has become the realization of my vision - now it's time for it to scale. And scale beyond the initial growth path just isn't as interesting to me as building something new. So my big lesson? Learn what you do best. Repeat that and don't be afraid to let others take over.

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