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lessons from entrepreneurs on starting your own business, Part 14

Empower others with your creation

Charles Bark, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Hinounou

Our HiNounou dream is to empower elderly people to have longer, healthier and happier lives at home, which would also bring greater peace of mind to their children who live far from their parents. This dream was born from my pain. I live in Shanghai while my mother lived in France alone. Eight years ago, I called my Mum to ask her how she was doing. She told me she was fine, and not to worry. Afterwards, however, I got a call from my brother and learned that our mother had had a bad fall and had gotten surgery. This shocked me because I realized that I was completely blind about her health status at her home. The second thing I realized was that if my aging mother ever faced any future health issues, finding out after the fact might be too late next time.

As the third generation working in healthcare and as IT system architect, I found that this global world aging issue was a good opportunity to create an integrated health data preventive platform that collects data at home, and use AI algorithms to mitigate main chronic diseases risks to promote healthy longevity.

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