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How to Startup an EU Based company

So why would you want to start an EU company? Well could be may reasons.

Do you buy goods in Euros? Do you need a Eurozone account? Do your vendors not want to deal with a US based company?

If you just need a Eurozone account go to wise or your bank and open a euro zone account it is practically free. If you need more keep reading.

So you have decide to continue. So lets got to the cheapest and most transparent way to open a company in the EU.

Step 1. Get a Estonia E-residency for your self. this will take about a month and a trip to an Estonia Embassy or to Estonia to pick up your ID when your done.

step 2. Set up your company in Estonia, Estonia has lots of resources to help you with this.

Step 3. Open a bank account in the EU.

Step 4. Setup a virtual office.

Ok now what? Well now you have an EU VAT ID, a virtual office, and a bank. next you probably need a virtual warehouse if your buying physical goods. So go and pick a warehouse provider there are 100's and costs start at just 1 euro per month.

So you have everything you need now.

So you can purchase anything you want from anywhere in the EU with your VAT ID and have it shipped to your virtual warehouse. Make sure always to get out your Virtual Office phone number and address, and have everything shipped to your virtual office.

Need more help? Contacts us and we can help you end to end with getting setup.

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