• Kurt Schmidt

Future Proof your Business with the 4 steps

1. Know your values and reckon that with what your customer expects from your market and wants to see from your brand;

2. Measure the impact you want to make. Set a “Big Hairy Goal” for what you want to change and milestones to achieve on your way there;

3. Collaborate with entrepreneurs and supply chain partners. Make connections and ask questions of people tackling the same issues you are, suggests Willemijn Peeters, CEO of Searious Business, a company that helps brands make plastic use sustainable.

4. Be transparent. Communicate openly about what you are doing and how those steps contribute towards the greater end goal. This will immediately show action and distinguish your brand from the rest, particularly those that point to others, such as the government or even their own customers, for the solution. Strong brands are actual game-changers – they’re out in front and already working on the change they want to see.

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