• Kurt Schmidt

Future of Recycling is Not Recycling

The First step to a clean world is not Recycling, it is REUSING and Reparing.

Step 1 should be REPAIR

step 2 Reuse

If those steps fail then Recycle

Recycling is not green when compared to Repair and Reuse. Repairing and Reusing is 99+% Better for everyone than Recycling. Recycling is better than trashing it, but nothing compared to repairing and reusing.

Do you Recycle your car when it breaks? No you repair it and keep using it.

Do you Recycle your care when your done with it? No you sell it so someone else can reuse it.

This goes for all things. Why use a paper plate? Use a reusable plate. Wash and Reuse.

There are businesses opportunities to be had., With out knowing it people have been going "green" by Repairing cars, Trucks, Houses, and more. Now you just have to find that next thing that people "recycle" and make your business to Reuse that product for fractions of the cost of "recycling" it.

What are product are you going to reuse rather than recycle?

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