• Kurt Schmidt

Factories and the need for workers

American Factories and Businesses are having a hard time hirring. According to CNN it is a $1 Trillian Problem.

Why are factories having such a hard time hiring? This should be plain obvious but apparently it is not to Business leaders or government officials.

First let look at this. When these factories laid off people, they didn't just sit around and do nothing., maybe some did but most did not. They went looking for another job, which means some if not a lot of those people moved. The Latest censes shows this people are moving to were the jobs/economy is more stable (Texas for example). there is a reason they call the mid west the rust belt.

Next this people found jobs might be paying less maybe the same maybe more. But they have a job now. Even if they don't have a job they have moved.

So how do you get them back? this seems totally obvious but it might take years for business leads to understand. YOU HAVE TO TREAT AND PAY YOUR WORKERS BETTER.

You want this workers back? Your going to have to pay for them to move back, your going to have to give them contracts with Guaranties. What that is unheard of? No it isn't they do it all the time to executives and other high paid professionals. But that isn't going to help them now. They can manage the business into the grown with no workers to do the work. Time to Wise up Corporate America.

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