• Kurt Schmidt

Business Desperate for workers

why are we short on "blue collar" workers? Because some time in the 90's the Government, Lobbied by Education Lobbyist decided that the goverment should no longer pay for vocational schools that everyone should be directed towards college and universities. The media and peer pressure re-enforced everyone needed a college degree (which clearly isn't true, lots of jobs have no need an academic background.. there are great jobs which required nothing more than a High School Degree or GED. Plumber, Electrician, A/C repair, Mechanic, the list goes on an on.

Somewhere between 90 and today the education system realized this and are now offering college degrees in Welding, A/C repair, and other areas that have always been something you learn on the job. These programs teach you everything you need to know for the first week or 2 on the job, After that is is back to learning on job.

This is a self-inflicted problem. Business and government have to stop looking at the short term and look at the long term needs, and the long term impacts of their short term decisions.

To fix this, we have to Re-invent the MBA as the current MBA is what has caused this mess. Group Think The education and business leaders are re-enforcing their way of thinking to keep the status quo.

What can your business do? Hire and train people on the job, offer internships, and apprenticeships.. Your Business is going to have to compete for the best and not so best workers to get them.

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