• Kurt Schmidt

10 Tips on How to Write a Great Resume.

Tip 1. Use a Professional email address. is not professional.

Tip 2. Make sure you have a profession Voice mail greeting

Tip 3. Make sure your contact information on your Resume is correct

Tip 4. Use Font size 10 for the body, and Size 12 for titles

Tip 5. Use Reverse Chronological order, start with your most recent job and work backwards in time.

Tip 6. Only Bold, Cap and Italics Very Important Key words that are related to the job your Appling to. Less is more in this case. you want to catch the hiring managers eye.

Tip 7. Pick a PROFESSIONAL Font, NOT Comic Sans.

Tips 8. only put jobs for the last 10 years, Summarize everything older than that to keep it to 2 pages.

Tip 9. If your published provide links to your PROFESSIONAL Publications not to your snapchat with your last party.

Tip 10. Emulate the format/style of other Resumes


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